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+380 342 785 004
+380 673 443 424
+380 508 868 464

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st. Maksymovycha 15
76009, Ukraine

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Our company

LLC "NTMA" - Ukrainian company which is engaged in manufacturing high quality plasma cutting machines, CNC series NT-PLASMA 3015. Our machines - are easy to use, inexpensive, high-performance, compact and modern machines plasma cutting tools.

LLC "NTMA" produce Plasma cutting machines maximum comfortable for our customers. We use a simple software application that allows you to easily control the NT-PLASMA 3015. The machine works with Powermax Hypertherm plasma source. Also completed additional configuration - extract, a collection of parts, computer, etc. After the purchase, we conduct training for use of NT-PLASMA 3015.

Besides, you can personally visit production machines plasma cutting NT-PLASMA 3015, get advice, and find out all that interests you, related to the design and subsequent operation of NT-PLASMA 3015.

Also, OOO "NTMA" sells components for CNC machines. Everything of plasma cutting you can be found in us ready sets for machines, control units, software, or Trapezoidal linear guides, stepper or servo motors and more. Online ntma.com.ua can read the complete list of products and order necessary to you product.

We will be glad to cooperate with you!