Frequently asked questions:

Mashine NT-PLASMA 3015 - easy to use, compact, highly productive, modern plasma cutting machine CNC. In a rather low price, meets high standards in the field of plasma cutting.

The full price of the standard model, without additional configuration, NT-PLASMA 3015 is $7100. Separately, optionally, for it is installed plasma source - Powermax Hypertherm, the price of which depends on the chosen model.
For example, the price for standard model with a source plasma Powermax Hypertherm 45A will cost $10528 ($7100 + $3428).

On machines series NT-PLASMA 3015 optionally installed Powermax plasma source by American firm Hypertherm. Depending on the thickness of cutting from Powermax Powermax 45A to 200A.

The guarantee on mechanics and electronics NT-PLASMA 3015 is 1 year. The guarantee on plasma source - 3 years. Machines series NT-PLASMA 3015 is a reliable and quality product. If you still have problems, according to the terms of the guarantee, send us the detail. We will repair or replace it. Support phone.

In fact, the machines series 3015 NT-PLASMA easy to use. You can learn how to use іn a very short time. Our team will teach you to use the machine and will give advice on the rational use of the machine NT-PLASMA 3015.

Machines Series NT-PLASMA made the standard size 3000X1500, also 3000X2000 and 6000X2000
Price NT-PLASMA 3015 - $7100
NT-PLASMA 3020 - $8900
NT-PLASMA 6020 - $16900

The cost stepper motor is not high, servo motors will cost much more expensive. System with servo motors is more accurate and faster, but it does not mean that the stepper system is limited.

Depending on the configuration, development of the machine series NT-PLASMA 3015 takes 4 to 5 weeks.

Also, we offer components for machines tools. More information on our website: